LinkedIn Networking Playbook (5-Step Strategy)

Jessie van Breugel - The Creator Academy
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Create your ideal list of accounts to engage with on LinkedIn.

With 875 million users, LinkedIn is a big city:

In fact, it's still the number one business platform in the world.

That's why you want to be strategic about growing your audience and brand on LinkedIn.

This LinkedIn Networking Playbook teaches you:

  • How to strategically find relevant accounts.
  • How to create a daily engagement habit.
  • How to expand your reach on the platform.
  • How to initiate conversations with followers and connections.

This is a true no-BS product.

It teaches you how to leverage the INSANE powerful LinkedIn has to offer:

Locating, connecting, and growing familiar with YOUR ideal audience.

Nothing more, nothing else.

This guide takes you less than an hour.

After that, it just requires your daily effort.

This Guide got 150+ downloads in the first 12 hours and so far, the people love it:

More praise from customers:

"Probably the only guide you'll ever need. True to its name ā€” it's Strategic. No unnecessary wording or blabbering, it's action from the get go. Perfect for people without time or have poor attention span like myself. It's worth the investment šŸ‘šŸ½šŸ‘šŸ½šŸ‘šŸ½"

ā€” Nilian Marufu

"This is everything you need and MORE. Being a LinkedIn creator, I'm always looking for new systemized ways to grow my account and this playbook hits the nail on the head. You get everything from engagement techniques to outreach templates. This is pure GOLD."

ā€” Cody Davis

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LinkedIn Networking Playbook (5-Step Strategy)

14 ratings
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