Brand Yourself as A Creator in 2022: The Ultimate Guide

Jessie van Breugel - The Creator Academy
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Updated: July 2022

For creators who want to grow a powerful personal brand by themselves👇

  • Figure out your niche.
  • Create content with conviction.
  • Connect with like-minded creators
  • Grow an engaged audience
  • Build your personal brand

Covered with 10+ proven frameworks, mental models, thought experiments, and unique concepts, this ebook walks you through the process of building and growing your personal brand.

From starting out to growing an online audience, it's all covered.

The handbook allows you to get started right away.

After completing this, you'll:

  • know exactly what makes you unique
  • how you can create a brand that's fully aligned with you
  • know how to find and serve your ideal audience
  • know how to position yourself as a creator
  • be able to be strategic about content creation
  • know how to discover the perfect platform for you
  • know how to turn your followers into cash

If you're looking for a more serious product (which allow includes monetization tactics, check out From Consumer to Creator)

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What to expect in "Brand Yourself as A Creator: The Ultimate Guide"...

The most complete ebook to build your personal brand.

Covered with proven frameworks, models, thought experiments, and unique concepts, the ebook walks you through the whole process of building and growing your personal brand.

With 10+ frameworks (adding more every month, free of charge for existing customers) ranging from finding your uniqueness, positioning yourself the right way, discovering the right audience, and monetizing your brand, you can transform your personal brand into a recession-proof asset.

Learn my exact approaches and strategies to build a strong personal brand that creates independent income and allows you to make the impact you want.

A peek into the eBook:


Who should read this book?

Creators and entrepreneurs that are looking to (1) build their personal brand from scratch (2) or grow their personal brand into a money-making asset.

This product is right for you if....

  • You want to become known for something that's uniquely you
  • You want to find the right audience for you
  • You want to pick the right platform for you
  • You want to position yourself as a thought leader or expert
  • You want to optimize your social presence
  • You want to be strategic about content creation
  • You want to sell a digital product

Who are you?

I'm Jessie van Breugel. I'm the founder of Realigned Coaching and an avid digital creator. I've written more than 100 articles for publications like The Startup, Better Marketing, and The Ascent.

As a Brand Strategist, I've helped creators and entrepreneurs connect the dots and strategically grow their presence online. A process that has allowed 20+ of my clients to find their unique direction and transform their brands to make money online.

How will this book help me?

You'll learn my proven strategies and frameworks to build a personal brand that allows you to make money doing what you love.

I can't build your personal brand for you, but I can offer you all the tools and guidance that helped me reach this point. And, not only myself but also close to 30 other creators.

What are the benefits of the Creator's Package?

The combination of the 1-on-1 session and the practical ebook is the best way to get unstuck and started!

Here's why:

The ebook covers all the fundamentals to get started as a creator and build a personal brand that can be turned into money: from getting clear on your uniqueness, positioning this the right way, being strategic about your content creation process, to finally being able to turn your brand into money.

As every personal brand is unique, it's hard to cover everything in the book, that's why I see so much value in the combination of the book and the brand session, as we can zoom in on your specific situation and make sure that you build a brand that's uniquely you!

Will the eBook be updated?


The beauty of a personal brand is that it's never finished, the work is never done — it’s an ongoing work in progress.

With every update, I'll add new processes, frameworks, and concepts I learned on my own journey.

Every purchase gets free content upgrades for life. 

Any other questions?

Please, don't hesitate to reach out on Twitter (@jessievbreugel) or send an email to

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Brand Yourself as A Creator in 2022: The Ultimate Guide

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