Content Management System

Jessie van Breugel - The Creator Academy
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A lifesaver for busy creators.

This is your content management system: an overview of your upcoming social media posts. ‍

A content calendar that allows you to manage your content based on:

  • Status of the piece of content
  • The specific content pillar it belongs to
  • The social network where it will be published
  • Copy and creative assets (i.e., photos or videos) required
  • The date and time it will go live
  • Links and tags to be included
  • BONUS: Two frameworks to craft a viral post for LinkedIn by leveraging the power of storytelling.

Create your content in advance, schedule your content and you can actually take time off.

No more logging into your account on Thanksgiving, late at night, or early in the morning.

That’s how you buy freedom as a creator.

More clarity, better performing content, and more peace of mind.

Isn't that what every creator wants?

How to use this template:

  1. Download the file
  2. You need a Notion account (no worries, it's free to sign up)
  3. Duplicate the template to your own workspace
  4. Choose your preferred layout: board view or calendar

  1. Let's create :)
  2. Ready to use your Content Management System? Get started with the LinkedIn Growth System.

Any questions or feedback?

Ping me on Twitter or LinkedIn.

This is a product of The Creator Academy.

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Content Management System

20 ratings
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