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❌ Stop worrying about not seeing results on Twitter.
✅ Start creating content with a system to grow an engaged audience.

From Consumer to Creator helps you understand your uniqueness, grow the confidence to build a brand that's completely aligned with your personality, and grow an engaged audience.

It's the ultimate toolkit to prepare you for a successful career as a content creator on Twitter.

At the end of this course, you know exactly what kind of product you need to create to solve the right problem for your audience.

And, that's how you start making money using your online audience and brand.

8 reasons why your creator's game will be better after this course:

✅ You know exactly what makes you YOU.

✅ You know how to operate from a place of strength.

✅ You have the toolkit to start a conversation with anyone on Twitter.

✅ You perfectly know how to position yourself as the expert you are.

✅ You know exactly who your audience is and which challenges they face.

✅ You're capable of creating the right content to address your audiences' pain points.

✅ You've got the tools and understanding of how to validate your product ideas.

✅ You know how to turn ideas into money using your engaged audience.

Duration of the course: ± 4 hours + additional self-study

Others said great things about "From Consumer to Creator"...

Here's what you'll learn in "From Consumer to Creator? ↓↓


How do you if this course is RIGHT FOR YOU?

  • Do you lack an understanding of the problem you want to solve for your audience?
  • Is it hard for you to create the right content?
  • You don't know how to figure out "your niche"?
  • Does creating AND managing your content drive you crazy?
  • Do you find it awkward to reach out to new followers and initiate a conversation?
  • Do you have a hard time finding and connecting with like-minded creators?
  • Do you struggle to go from idea to execution and monetization?
  • Do you have a hard time creating, launching, and selling your product?

If you answered YES on any of these questions..

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You might be a bit unsure about the things that make you unique, you feel a case of imposter syndrome and you struggle with a lack of focus.

You're looking for ways to be strategic about your content creation.

Finally, you may have experience with creating or launching digital products already, but this isn't required.

This is what former student Alessandra White said over From Consumer to Creator:

"This was the cohort that showed me that there was a place for people like me on social media."

Is this program focused on Twitter only?

Yes. All of the examples in the course cover Twitter.

After working with 100+ creators, Twitter showed it as one of the best platforms to grow an audience as a creator and launch your product.

Yet, most of the strategies can be applied to any platform of your liking.

If you want to grow your brand on LinkedIn, this is better for you.

What about the course itself?

It's built in Teachable and covers 5+ pillars, including text, downloadable frameworks, and videos.

Every purchase is guaranteed of lifetime updates, of course.

Here's a snippet of the module that covers one of the most sought-after topics for creators:

The importance of an engaged audience 👇

A full overview of the course curriculum:

"The rest of the course was a bonus"

The 1-on-1 Brand Assessment helps get clear on the problem you want to solve.

It helps you to hone into your uniqueness.

Honestly, creators see amazing results from just one session.

They know exactly what they need to do to become a better creator.

In fact, 90% of alumni found that the 1-on-1 assessment was already WORTH all the money.

Why would you listen to me?

When I started my journey, I was without clarity, community, and consistency.

And, I learned that without the right direction and clarity, it’s easy to lose track. Now, I like to give the advice I needed to hear back then - to those that are a few steps behind me.

In the last 15 months, I spoke to nearly 100 creators on the free brand calls I offer.

This gave me valuable insights into the challenges early-stage creators face: ranging from the lack of confidence, a diluted focus, or not knowing how to grow an engaged audience. I've heard it all.

Besides the many calls I did, I managed to 25X my online audience in 12 months, I've written 200+ threads on my personal brand and the creator's life, and 100+ articles on Medium.

Here's what others have said about working with me:

Christine Trac:

Alumni Christine Trac had nothing but powerful words for her experience of From Consumer to Creator:

Victoria Pile:

Sam Kain:

Jill Metcalfe:

Alexandra Zubal:

Mike Lamb:

Any questions?

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Go From Consumer to Creator on Twitter

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