Craft Your Ideal LinkedIn Profile | Attract High-Quality Opportunties

Jessie van Breugel - The Creator Academy
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Optimize your LinkedIn profile and get 21x more profile views and 36x more messages 💰

Every day, you don’t optimize yours, you miss 10+ opportunities.

You can have the best content in the world (probably you won't), but if your profile isn't optimized, your ideal client doesn't feel addressed.

An optimized LinkedIn Profile means the difference between profile views or engaged leads.

Your LinkedIn profile is the billboard that sells your services, while you're busy:

  • sleeping
  • living your life
  • building your business

Seriously, what are you waiting for?

In this workshop, business professionals and creators like yourself learned:

  • The importance of an optimized LinkedIn Profile
  • The tactical approach of
  • Write a converting "About Section"
  • Turn your Profile into a product page

Praise from students:

"I recently took the chance on connecting with Jessie van Breugel. He then extended an invitation to one of his workshops. I’m going to be completely honest. This was my first time spending a little bit of my business money to do something like this. I put my trust out there.

The results were awesome!! Jessie’s workshop was everything I was looking for to learn more about how to utilize my profile and just learn more about LinkedIn! He had a great presentation and made it adaptable to his audience. I thoroughly enjoyed it! I picked up some tips I will be working to get implemented soon. 😃"

"Great workshop and appreciate the invitation to the next one, will definitely be excited for that, will go through changes and message you when all sorted!😎"

- Justin Phad

"I signed up for the workshop to learn more about best practices, understand Linkedin profiles deeper, and how to take the next steps to get my profile from good to great.

I helped me understand customer actions, what I want to achieve by optimizing my profile, and how it impacts the experience on my profile.

The biggest takeaway was that LinkedIn Profiles can always be optimized, touchpoints and customer journey must be clear and 1st section must show viewers what you do and why should they care quickly."

- Justin Beswick


Q: Why is this recording not free?

A: From experience I know that people who get stuff for free rarely use it. It happens to me all the time as well..

I want you to optimize your LinkedIn Profile and position yourself as the expert you are.

Plus. Gumroad doesn't let put it on for free as the file is too big :)

Q: What do I walk away with after this recording?

At the end of the recording, you know exactly what to do to optimize your LinkedIn Profile to position you as the expert you are.

You won't need me anymore :)

Any questions or feedback?

Ping me on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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Craft Your Ideal LinkedIn Profile | Attract High-Quality Opportunties

0 ratings
I want this!